Address Management

Each disposable TrashMail address can be managed on the central address management page.

Unlimited mail forwarding

Emails can be forwarded indefinitely with TrashMail Plus.

No alias expiration

TrashMail addresses can last an unlimited time with TrashMail Plus.

Challenge response system

Filters incoming messages by a CAPTCHA system.

Send emails by web interface

You can send emails by a SSL secure web form with TrashMail Plus.

Address name reservation for 365 days

After a TrashMail address has been deleted, the TrashMail address name will be reserved for 365 days for the real email address from which it was used last time before it will be released for other real email addresses.

Multiple domain names

Currently there are 11 domain names available which can be used for TrashMail:

  • @trashmail.com
  • @trashmail.me
  • @trashmail.at
  • @trash-mail.at
  • @rcpt.at
  • @kurzepost.de
  • @wegwerfmail.de
  • @wegwerfmail.net
  • @wegwerfmail.org
  • @objectmail.com
  • @proxymail.eu

Address masking on reply

When someone replies to an TrashMail address, this option can mask the responders email address by replacing the responders email address by the TrashMail alias name (just as host name, domain name and IP addresses will also replaced by localhost, localdomain and the IP address

Distinct email source

Each user can define a key which is used in the TrashMail email header to make sure the email was actually sent by the TrashMail system.

Additional header information

To each email forwarded to your real email address, a few header lines will be added to provide some additional information for the TrashMail customer:

  • distinct email key (X-TrashMail-Key)
  • number of forwards left (X-TrashMail-Forwards)
  • expiry date (X-TrashMail-Expire_Date)
  • link to administration page (X-TrashMail-Modify_Link)

Backup mail server

If our main server smtp.trashmail.com would be offline, then our backup server mx1.trashmail.com will take over incoming emails. The backup server is located in a different datacenter for high-availability reasons.

Secure HTTPS requests

Web requests are handled by the encrypted HTTPS protocol.

Number of maximum active disposable email addresses

  • 300 for non Plus members
  • 2500 for Plus members

Support by email

Customers benefit of an email support with TrashMail Plus.

Open server API

TrashMail's open server API allows everybody to write programs to use the TrashMail service. Currently the Mozilla Firefox Add-On uses TrashMail server API to create disposable email addresses.