Disturbing political events in Germany

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Disturbing political events in Germany

Post by Admin » 09 Jun 2009, 22:08

TrashMail.net should remain politically neutral. That was until now always been my desire. But this is really not. The current government (Federal Minister Ursula von der Leyen for the CDU party) intends to protect children to censor the Internet according to a model such as in Australia. The real problem here is that citizens do not have control over what is censored. The german police ("Bundeskriminalamt") will in future determine which site or IP address will be censored. The lists will remain secret. A state in which the police on a way to determine what information citizens are allowed through for me is a police state. On the foreign censorship lists according to the press also indicated Web pages do not contain child pornography.
There is reason to fear that TrashMail.net would be censored because it could help criminal people to hide their identity for a short time.

I recommend the german citzen very much to no more vote for CDU and SPD. The Pirate Party (www.piratenpartei.de) is strictly against Internet censorship. These now urgently need assistance to get signatures for the next elections. Should the Internet censorship will be established, every Internet user would pay the cost of this new censor technology and logistics. And imagine that while there is the current financial crisis where every euro is an euro worth. In addition, Germany would then slowly become like the past GDR state. Freedom is not self-evident. Please vote for the Pirate Party in the next votes.

Best regards,
Stephan Ferraro, Director at Ferraro Ltd.
Best regards,
Stephan Ferraro
Founder of TrashMail.com
CEO of Aionda GmbH

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