Control using mail?

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Control using mail?

Post by Z » 05 Apr 2011, 17:37

Would it be possible to control TM using email? Or is web access required? For people who use mainly email, and not webmail option to create addresses using email would be pretty nice. Just wondering if anyone else would like this kind of option.


Re: Control using mail?

Post by richardgaspa » 01 Oct 2011, 14:54

I also would love this option. I just happens to be searching the forum at this time looking for the answer to the same question. I you should find the answer to the question it would be great if you would forward it to me.

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Re: Control using mail?

Post by Admin » 03 Oct 2011, 14:24

How exactly should it look?
Sending commands over email list "list" in subject to get a list of all disposable email addresses etc?
Do you have some details how it should look?
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