Not logged in or expired session

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Not logged in or expired session

Post by dph13 » 02 Apr 2011, 14:31

When I try to access the trashmail manager 2.5.3 from within firefox 3.6.16 I receive the following error before trashmail fails and closes: "Not logged in or expired session."

I can log in via the website so I know my username and password. I have reset the account name by deleting it from about:config and toggling the welcome msg there as well. The plugin did ask for the username and email address of the exisitng account the next time it was invoked.

Any ideas?


Re: Not logged in or expired session

Post by norbert » 02 Apr 2011, 15:28


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Re: Not logged in or expired session

Post by Admin » 03 Apr 2011, 20:15

This problem is a cookie problem.
Please install the newest version 2.5.4 which no more requires cookies: ... f=3&t=2046
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