Fixed bug to reply to X-Mailing-List addresses

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Fixed bug to reply to X-Mailing-List addresses

Post by Admin » 19 Dec 2006, 11:30

I fixed a minor bug:
Now mailing list users can reply by hidding their real email address to X-Mailing-List addresses. The X-Mailing-List header entry has now top priority compared to Reply-To or From entries.

This means that now its possible to be protected 100% against direct spam as mailing list user.
Mailing list messages can be redirected directly to a mailing list folder in a standard email client. Messages which are not from the mailing lists can go automatically to the junk box.
I will maybe add later also filter rules on trashmail which can also already filter on server side, but maybe some times its good to check out the spam folders, in the case of trashmail the emails will be rejected.
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