auto create emails...

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auto create emails...

Post by sopan123 » 04 Oct 2012, 05:43

i would pay serious money to be able to have say a static set of characters, and another set which i could create on the fly, and have the system create the email when it's used by the "other party. for example:

i'm in a store and they want to give me 15% off a $1200.00 purchase if i "join their club by giving an email, and a phone number. well i already have the phone covered by a masking service, so i can give them a number that's forwarded to my real number, and complete control over the link, much like trashmail. Now the email would be set like this:

i set a [hopefully] changable set of characters, which must show up in a certain spot, or maybe just be included, but i get to fill in the rest myself. if the "secret" code sequence is valid then the email gets created.


dog123 and the trailing2 are preset, and i just make up the rest on the spot. then when i'm asked for an email, i can give it in confidance without having to remeber to creat it at the and of the day. if i'm online during the day it's moot, because i can make an email so easily in trashmail. [You've really done a wonderful job and service, thank you], but many times i'm in line at a checkout and could really take advantage of this feature.

does this makes sense? i think someone else does it, but i LOVE trashmail, and woudn't leave to get that feature, as brilliant as it is...:)
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Re: auto create emails...

Post by Admin » 05 Oct 2012, 12:36

That is what my concurrent Spamgourmet can do (ouch, did I talked about my concurrent? :-) ).
I could implement this, but I would need to re-write the whole backend.
Then you could simply set a code in the Web Address Manager, and it would check that the code is not already used by another customer, then it would auto-create the address and forward mails to you for this.
Yeah its a great feature for advanced users.
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Re: auto create emails...

Post by Z » 06 Dec 2014, 15:54

sopan123 wrote:does this makes sense?
Sure it does. I've been asking for the very same. Becuse when ever you're suddendly asked for a email address anywhere, you just could give one, without needing to use mobile phone to first create the address which is currently required.

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