Database is now encrypted

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Database is now encrypted

Post by Admin » 26 Jul 2009, 23:46 has from now on a full encrypted database: The main database runs unencrypted on a ram-drive. The backups are created and encrypted on the ram-drive. Once encrypted, they are moved to the harddisk. This backup process runs every 3 hours. The databases are encrypted with a public encryption key. Its private key is stored in a secret and secure place and is not located on the server. Even if someone would be able to steal the private key, its protected additionally by a secret password. If someone powers off the server, automatically all non-encrypted data would be destroyed because its located on a ram-drive.

We follow the data protection laws in Germany. Nobody would be able to steal information by hi-hacking physically the server. Even confiscating the server would be useless because we control alone the encrypted data. Without our permission, nobody should be able to access to the data.
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