i cannot receive any emails

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i cannot receive any emails

Post by bianco47 » 21 Sep 2020, 04:52

i accidentally sent one email to an temporary alias that i forgot to create, then when i created it, i couldn't send any emails from the specific website i was trying to log in because of that, not even password reset ones were sent, looking like i can never access the account again because i cant even verify the login location.
detail: i know im not receiving because the remaining forwards number doesn't decrease when i try to send something.

any way to counter that?

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Re: i cannot receive any emails

Post by Admin » 26 Oct 2020, 09:57

You can still create now the forgotten email address, and repeat that they sent you the password recover link.
Or use for the future catch-all addresses, that will be auto-created if an incoming email will come in.
You can define a pattern like *.[email protected], so if an email will be sent like [email protected], then this disposable email address will be auto-created at first incoming message.
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