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Automatic Dormancy Notifications

Posted: 17 Jan 2017, 03:31
by colceh
Not sure if this has been proposed before, but ...

How about if trashmail could recognize when an alias hasn't received any inbound email within a specified timeframe, for example one year, and automatically notify the owner of that alias, via email to the customer's registered address, that the alias has gone dormant (and likely won't receive any more mail, spam or otherwise)?

This feature would help me manage (minimize) my List of Active Aliases ... I could delete the ones that I (likely) don't need any longer.

Re: Automatic Dormancy Notifications

Posted: 01 Mar 2017, 23:55
by Admin
That is a great idea. And what do you think about simple statistics, that you can track for each disposable address when last mails came through?

Re: Automatic Dormancy Notifications

Posted: 02 Mar 2017, 02:15
by colceh
I am not sure what you mean by your question about simple statistics.

Perhaps, when a member's Address Manager page is displayed, one of the columns could be a timestamp field showing how much time has elapsed since each active alias had received its last inbound message.

Also, when the system recognized that the pre-set time duration for dormancy notification had elapsed, the auto-generated message to the member could include a link to delete that alias. Something like "Hello, <user>, your alias <> has now reached the time limit for which you requested to be notified of dormant inbound activity ... if you no longer need this alias, click the following link to delete it"...

Personally, I would find both of these features VERY useful. Thanks for considering.