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HTML errors: Incomaptible with IE7 & Opera

Posted: 11 Feb 2009, 22:49
by Admin
There are currently compatibility problems with Internet Explorer 7 and Opera.
TrashMail works fine with Firefox and Safari.
Currently no HTML version is specified. Some browsers don't know which HTML version to use.
I will switch to Extensible HTML version 1.0 as defined at
The HTML code will be soon converted. Additionally I will clean up some non-sense tags too boost up the load speed of each page.
The work will be done with the texteditor NetBeans IDE (its not wysiwyg).

Re: HTML errors: Incomaptible with IE7 & Opera

Posted: 16 Feb 2009, 12:07
by Admin
I fixed the problem by choosing finally HTML 4.01 transitional because some layout tricks could not be done with XHTML 1.0.
Opera & IE7 should now work with