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Incident: Database table lost

Posted: 10 Oct 2012, 09:33
by Admin
We noticed this morning (thanks to a TrashMail customer for emailing us) that we lost a database table on our MySQL database server. It was an InnoDB table which has disappeared and could not be re-created again.
The whole system was unable to create new disposable email addresses or to let customers to log into the web address manager.

A dropping of the whole database and re-creating was not possible due the mysql internal structure was corrupt.
I had to delete the whole MySQL database directory, to recreate it and to play latest MySQL backup from our MySQL slave replication database.

I think it was a hardware or software failure which caused this corruption.
Now all is back online, replication service will be re-syncrhonized.

Thanks for the MySQL replication feature. Without that, there would had bee some data loss.