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Trashmail + Website Registration Confirmation Emails

Posted: 08 May 2012, 04:21
by SeaHorse
Hi. Am a beginner/learner computer user, and am new here also. Am extremely Wowed with TRASHMAIL: installed it into FireFox and then tried using one of the proxy email addresses that TRASHMAIL offered in the drop-down menu (you TRASHMAIL Dudes have created a very impressive and user-friendly program because even I seem to be able to use it!!!) on a website that should have been a very hard nut to trick, but they registered me no problems!!! But was puzzled that they did not put up a message to say they had sent an auto-email to the email address that TRASHMAIL/i provided to them when registering, and that the auto-email would have a confirmation link in it.

So what i would like to ask is: has TRASHMAIL got something to do with making their server accept the proxy email "address" as being bona-fide without the auto-email/click on the auto-email confirmation link procedure from the website that is attempting to being registered with, having to be gone through??? In other words, does TRASHMAIL "short-circuit" the auto-email/confirmation process that every website that i have ever registered with (and there are plenty!!!) has always required (even TRASHMAIL makes you go through this process!!!), and instead makes their servers accept the TRASHMAIL email "address" as being instantly proven "legitimate"???

If this is so, then your (TRASHMAIL) program is nothing short of mind-bogglingly Awesome and way beyond comprehension of mere mortals in any way, shape or form. i am like a snail trying to comprehend a Rachmananov Concerto!!!

Thank you TRASHMAIL Dudes for your incredible program.