update_dea output=> {"success":false,"error_code":0}

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update_dea output=> {"success":false,"error_code":0}

Post by coder » 11 Nov 2011, 22:45

I can login and get a cookie okay:

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curl -s --dump-header cookie.txt --data 'api=1&cmd=login&fe-login-user='$(userid)'&fe-login-pass='$(password) 
But I cannot update an address. I've been struggling for hours. This is the command:

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curl -s --cookie cookie.txt --data '{"data":[{"expire":14,"id":1234567}]}' 'https://ssl.trashmail.net/?api=1&lang=en&cmd=update_dea'
What does that error code mean?

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Re: update_dea output=> {"success":false,"error_code":0}

Post by Admin » 01 Jan 2012, 12:42

error_code 0 means unknown error.
You can debug the API by using Mozilla Firefox Add-On Firebug and then log into the web address manager.

The best would be that I provide a API example files in UNIX bash shell script files. So everyone could use it in PHP, Perl, Python etc.
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