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Sending mail via Trashmail addresses?

Posted: 18 Jun 2011, 22:32
by macraig
The initial use I thought I might have for TrashMail was with interactions, but I have a question about it. Since Craigslist already has its own obfuscated addresses for initial e-mail contacts, and forwards to a selected address much as TrashMail does, I would like to leave my real address as the forwarding address for those initial Craigslist messages, BUT then use a TrashMail address for subsequent interactions with people. Normally if I receive an inquiry via Craigslist, my reply would use my REAL address rather than the obfuscated Craigslist one; scammers and harvesters KNOW this, and take advantage of it by sending phony inquiries about postings in the hope that the person will reply and thus expose their real address. Next thing you know you're (a) getting spammed to death and (b) having your address spoofed as the source of spam to others. This is a shortcoming of the Craigslist system.

I would like to sidestep this shortcoming and foil the harvesters by using a TrashMail address to send "new" replies to anyone who contacts me via Craigslist as above. Can I use a TrashMail address to SEND messages that aren't a reply to a previous message first sent to that TrashMail address?

Re: Sending mail via Trashmail addresses?

Posted: 23 Jun 2011, 09:46
by Admin
Yes you can send first message as TrashMail Plus member.
Simply click on the mail icon in the web address manager.
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