Reenabled address(s) do not forward.

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Reenabled address(s) do not forward.

Post by usalabs » 12 Apr 2021, 11:20

Anyone having a problem when re-enabling an address after it was disabled, and resetting the forwards and expiry time only to find any emails to that re-enabled address is NOT being forwarded, and the only option is to make a note of that email address, delete it, then re-create it.

It seems that once an email address has been disabled, it stays disabled indefinitely, but stays in the address manager so that you can make a note of it and re-create it should you need to.

Before anyone suggests it's a premium function, it is only premium if I set the forwards and expiry time to the ones marked with an asterisk, but if I set those to 5 forwards and 7 days, then it's not premium, and should work, but it doesn't.

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Re: Reenabled address(s) do not forward.

Post by Admin » 12 Apr 2021, 22:03

This should work without premium.
Which browser do you use?
Did you clicked the "Save" button?

By the way: The iOS app works has too an integrated address manager (without web, directly natively with Apple UI components). Its a second possibility if there is a web browser issue.
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