Catch-All feature released

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Catch-All feature released

Post by Admin » 24 May 2020, 11:18

Dear TrashMail Community,

we just released the Catch-All feature:
TrashMail can now create automatically disposable emails on demand.
If you create the Catch-All address *[email protected], then all emails which matches this pattern, for example [email protected] will then be created automatically, with the settings of the pattern address.

If you own a custom domain name, you have more freedom, you could create for example:
*, then all addresses send to this domain name will be auto-created.

If you have a family domain name, you could create your first name as sub domain, for example:
Then you could create *

When you are outside or without the TrashMail Add-Ons, you can simply write [email protected], then it will be auto-created.
If someone sends you spam to [email protected], you can simply disable the address. If you delete it completely, then it will be auto-created again.
Something maybe nice: If your pattern address has the CAPTCHA code enabled, then all auto-created addresses will inherit this option, then first email which will be auto-created will get a response that a CAPTCHA code verification is needed.

This was one of the most wanted core feature which we released now.
Best regards,
Stephan Ferraro
Founder of
CEO of Aionda GmbH

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