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Membership Fees

Posted: 04 Sep 2018, 05:38
by mr-flot
The membership fee is shown as €18,99 for one year.

When I go to Paypal it changes to €21,99.

Is the fee static or is there a discount for renewal?
Why does it increase 16% ?
I'm outside the European Union.

Re: Membership Fees

Posted: 11 Oct 2018, 21:02
by Admin

this is a bug which I will fix ASAP.
Currently I'm finishing to implement full automatic LetsEncrypt SSL certificates with DANE (DNSSEC and TLSA DNS entries) setup.
Normal SSL certificate of will expire at 15 october 2018, so I have to be fast.
Once finished I will fix this bug.
Sorry for the problem, I know its bad and I will fix it with automatic unit tests if possible.
I'm rewriting each old line code by new code with a test coverage of at least 90%.