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Proposal for a Pro service

Posted: 28 Mar 2008, 10:58
by Admin
Hello all,

currently TrashMail earns about 25 USD (15,86 EUR) per month with the Google Adsense revenues. I need to create a professional service if TrashMail should live longer.
Here is my proposal:

TrashMail Pro with the following extras:
- Own domain name (DNS MX settings points to trashmail server) with Mozilla Firefox-Addon support to support
- Unlimited email redirections and unlimited date limit
- Up to 100 000 emails in the queue of the challenge-response system per user
- Email Support

Prices per own domain name:
3000 EUR per year for 25 users
5000 EUR per year for 50 users
20000 EUR per year for 250 users
80000 EUR per year for 1000 users

Why so expensive? Because already 2 challenge-response users consumes about 20% of the machine resources and disk spaces.
My own users receives and stores in the challenge-response system about 7000 emails in one week.
So if a company would use 50 users with the challenge response system it would mean:
350 000 email messages stored temporary in the challenge response system for one week!