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Reply now to return address of header

Post by Admin » 26 Jun 2007, 22:14

TrashMail "trusts" now the sender to have used a valid return address in his header. TrashMail's software selects the header sender instead of the envelope sender (SMTP MAIL FROM command) for the reply. This allows now individual users to simply forward incoming emails to their local inbox to a trashmail address without "dealing" with the MAIL FROM command sent by their SMTP sever of their ISP. They only need to take care that the From field in the header of the email is valid that TrashMail could reply to this address to ask for confirmation for whitelisting.

I just tested it with my own local email address:
Using whitelisting with its own domain name works now by using the X-TrashMail-Key field to distinguish between new incoming emails and accepted emails by!
I will add an option soon in TrashMail to customize this key field, to have multiple TrashMail email addresses with the same keys.

This is how looks like my procmail configuration on Linux:

Code: Select all

# Forward non certified emails to [email protected]
* !^(X-TrashMail-Key: urcqugak:eOp1c1pXQmlRT0F3TjI=)
! [email protected]
The problem before was that forwarding emails by using procmail were forwarded with the envelopper sender of my local server.
I suppose that the mail server software automatically sets as enveloper sender the local user. To make it more easier TrashMail is now only using the sender address in the email header, so there is no more to take care about which "MAIL FROM" data is sent to the SMTP server.
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