New alias not working

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New alias not working

Post by tmcdanel » 11 Mar 2015, 03:18

I created an address to register with the Wall Street Journal to see how many companies they sell it to. But when i changed my email to
[email protected][secret domain name]

after creating it at Trashmail, i did not receive a confirmation. This made me suspicious. So i tested it by sending mail to it myself. It does not forward to me. Below is the Trashmail creation confirmation. I am a paid member of Trashmail.

Am i doing something wrong?

Isn't there a column in the control panel that tells how many messages the address has received?



11 March 2015 - 02:59:18 CET


you or someone else has created an alias on our website

Your or his IP address that was logged at the creation time was:

Unlimited emails sent to [email protected][secret domain name] will be forwarded to [email protected], and
then your alias will be deleted.
The alias has a life span of -1 day(s).

You can change your alias settings every time by using the following URL: ... OWZY04azY=

Or by logging you manually on our site:
Login name: [email protected][secret domain name]
Password: 6jSFw9xjs8x6

If you don't want an alias on our site, simply delete your alias by going to
the URL: ... 6jow9sGZx6

If you wish new features, or have some comments to do, please visit our
forum at:

For questions or reporting of abuse, visit us at:


Re: New alias not working

Post by jbtrasher1 » 12 Mar 2015, 19:16

Same problem here. I tried several other disposable emails that have worked in the past and I am receiving nothing. My mail service says his logs show the connection is being refused when the disposable email is being sent to their server.

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