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Ready for EU/VAT change for 01. January 2015

Posted: 30 Dec 2014, 23:46
by Admin
Dear TrashMail customers,

due the EU/VAT law changes for the 01. January 2015, you are invoiced with the VAT tax from your country (no more 19% from Germany as it was before). The final price will not change, Ferraro Ltd. company as operator of will make less or more profit, depending on your VAT tax (mostly less for the most EU countries).

The following changes have been made:
- new layout for the website on the front-page and specially the register page for TrashMail Plus
- new layout for the PDF invoices to apply the new EU rules

The new EU law has costs the following:
- about one week pure development time for their new law, to implement the new data acquisition and frameworks to get the correct VAT tax
- at least 1.100 EUR tax consultant costs, with regular 800 EUR costs per year, we are already at 340 EUR before the law begins
- at least 150 printed papers per quarter, which needs to be archived for 10 years
- a ruined Christmas