Trashmail success and failure stories

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Re: Trashmail success and failure stories

Post by Ale » 10 Jan 2014, 10:02

Ale wrote: I posted a few messages on this topic to the ASRG [...]
Discussion on the ASRG is now over. I updated

Now, one thing that TrashMail is missing is the ability to provide subscription for a whole domain. Let's say a domain supports disposable addresses. It can do that in several different ways:
  • hosting disposable addresses;
  • hosting disposable addresses for internal customers only;
  • hosting customers mail while outsourcing disposable addresses to a third party; the latter can be achieved using a sub-domain, such as, whose MX would point to the third party provider; double forwarding would be an uglier possibility.
A generalized FireFox (or other browser) add-on for disposable addresses —possibly, also a web form to collect addresses— needs to know what service, if any, the user wants to deploy. That is to say, the add-on can be somewhat independent of the web site. Wouldn't that increase its appeal?

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Re: Trashmail success and failure stories

Post by stclair_r_jenkins_jr » 12 Jun 2022, 19:40

Yes I think it will increase it's appeal on different browsers like Firefox, Google Chrome, and others!

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