Several bugs fixed

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Several bugs fixed

Post by Admin » 16 Aug 2017, 21:03

Dear TrashMail community,

we are currently fixing several bugs. About 50 at total. We collected them for years.
You would probably notice that the whole website and email infrastructure becomes more stable.
We try to fix ALL bugs that our users and customers have sent us the past years!

Then we will take time to create new features. First we need a very stable software base.
Thanks very much for trusting us.
Best regards,
Stephan Ferraro
Founder of
CEO of Aionda GmbH

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Several bugs fixed

Post by PromElectric » 14 Sep 2019, 14:20

Hi I was wondering if you have been able to fix the graphics bugs in Star Wars Racer Arcade Sega Hikaru ??

Also does it run well with full audio? I am so excited to play this game

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