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by steve2017bus
12 Jul 2014, 09:49
Forum: Bugs
Topic: Address Masking not working
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Re: Address Masking not working

You don't want trashmail, or anyone else for that matter, censoring the CONTENT of your messages. So use reply masking - but also remember to use a VPN/proxy/Tor or some such to hide your IP. Plus other tools to hide your replying email client fingerprint (if your paranoid). Or send all your replies...
by steve2017bus
12 Jul 2014, 09:38
Forum: General
Topic: New feature: Whitelisting!
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Re: New feature: Whitelisting!

Excuse me - but I must be an idiot. I don't really understand what all this whitelisting drama is about. If you know which site is sending you spam, (via the assigned url for that trashmail address or the group/individual you've given it to), why not just delete that address and break contact ? You'...