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by sopan123
04 Oct 2012, 05:43
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Topic: auto create emails...
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auto create emails...

i would pay serious money to be able to have say a static set of characters, and another set which i could create on the fly, and have the system create the email when it's used by the "other party. for example: i'm in a store and they want to give me 15% off a $1200.00 purchase if i "join their clu...
by sopan123
24 Mar 2007, 21:17
Forum: To Do
Topic: create email when no field on screen?
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create email when no field on screen?

is it realistic to think you might change the FF extension to allow create email from the toolbar context menu, even if there wasn't any text field onscreen? Sometimes id like to create an email for a site which uses a pop method not recognizable as a field. Then i need to open something, usually my...