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by etrask
23 Aug 2006, 02:40
Forum: To Do
Topic: Reply masking w header stripping (pseudo-anonymous)
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It'd be great if TrashMail just stripped ALL headers out of the original email, and the only ones left were the ones applied by TrashMail itself. User-Agent, for example.

One may want to keep an e-mail's priority, though. Maybe that one shouldn't be stripped.
by etrask
23 Aug 2006, 01:57
Forum: General
Topic: send first email through trashmail
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One can already SORT of send the first email, I have tried it. It takes a bit more work, but it works the same way replies do through trashmail. Say I want to send an email to [email protected].com, I would instead send an email to [the_trashmail_account].reply.[email protected].net fro...